Becky vs 60km:

Pedaling For Education

Dear friends,

 I am doing a 60 KM (37 miles) bike race in Baja to fundraise for GradPicForWEbsiteour Scholarship Program. Please join me in sponsoring one or a few kilometers and help us sponsor students in need.




Here’s more information about it:

When I was twelve years old I met a family that years later helped me attend college in the United States. This one charitable act changed my life forever. My chances of breaking out of the cycle of poverty I experienced growing up were greatly increased because this family and other equally generous people believed in me. I will forever hold this experience dear in my heart and pay it forward by helping other kids achieve their educational goals.


Many of the students we sponsor have no or very little financial support at home. We regularly help them get uniforms and shoes as well as cover any fees and transportation expenses that could cause them to drop out. Our students come from diverse backgrounds but all are facing overwhelming obstacles. One of our students is a teen mom in college who we’ve been sponsoring since High School and a few others have been abandoned by their parents. These situations make being a student extremely difficult  and our hope is that our financial assistance and encouragement shows these kids that they are not alone.

I love these students and want to continue helping them succeed in school but I need your help.  I am committing to pedaling 60 Km in a race from Rosarito to Guadalupe Valley if you help Vida Outreach sponsor these precious students for the upcoming school year. Together we can change the course of these students’ lives.


IMG_7511I love riding my bike around town and the longest I’ve ridden is about 8-10 miles. 60KM is 37 miles so I realize I have some training to do, but I am ready to work hard for our students. Please consider sponsoring one or a few kilometers of my race. My goal is to raise $50 per kilometer (that is at least $3K total). Don’t paypal%20donate%20buttonleave me hanging, let’s do this! Become a Sponsor by donating via the PayPal button:

Or if you would rather send your support via mail to:

PO Box 1327, Chula Vista, CA 91912.

P.S. If you would like to join me in the race PLEASE let me know! Anyone can enter and I would love to have company. It will be so much fun.

Much Love,