Becky’s 5K Fundraiser

Becky’s 5K for 5K Fundraiser for Tijuana Breakfast Program

becky 5k fundraiserAs many of you know I am a reluctant runner. Running does not come organically for me. How reluctant you might ask? So reluctant that I waited 20-something years to START! So reluctant that last October when I told my hubby I was running a 5K in November he asked me if November 2014?? But against all odds (and let’s be honest a bit of a quarter life crisis) I trained hard and nailed my first 5K last November!!!
Now, I thought that after my 5K I would be one of those amazing running addicts.You know the kind of people who run in the snow or after dark before missing a day (you know who you are). Well it didn’t exactly happen that way for me. Turns out I would still rather bake a batch of chocolate chip cookies than go for a run. However, running taught me discipline and consistency. So as a personal challenge I’ve decided to do it all over again but for a much better cause than holding on to my youth. I want to run to feed children. At my next 5K, on March 22, YOU can help me raise $5k for the Tijuana Breakfast Program (an awesome program that feeds over 200 impoverished kids EVERY morning before school). Let’s do this together! I train and run the 5K and you give back and feed these precious children!


Sponsorship Options

Goal: Help me raise $5,000 for this amazing program by March 22

In the spirit of breakfast foods here are your sponsoring options: keep in mind it takes about $100 a day to feed the kids each day. Click on the PayPal link below the option you select.
 CEREAL Sponsorship: $10 per Kilometer, total: $50 (but come on, cereal is kind of a boring breakfast)
SMOOTHIE Sponsorship: $20 per Kilometer, total: $100
WAFFLES Sponsorship: $50 per kilometer, total: $250
BREAKFAST BURRITO Sponsorship: $100 per kilometer, total: $500
GRAND SLAM: $200 per kilometer, total: $1000
If you sponsor a Grand Slam you will be my new personal hero.
Help me feed some kids in TJ please!!!!
Becky (aka the reluctant runner)