Back to school 2016

As we approach the end of summer, children everywhere prepare to head back to school. Here at Vida Outreach we believe that education is one of the key ways that we can improve children’s chances of escaping the cycle of poverty that plagues their families. While preparing to go back to school can be an exciting time, for many of the impoverished children we work with the cost of attending school presents an overwhelming burden on their family. This is why providing uniforms, school supplies, tuition assistance, and transportation help is a vital part of our commitment to improving communities in Baja. This academic year we are sponsoring over 20 students, with a record breaking 6 of them in college! If you would like to ensure that all of these students can achieve their goals and remain in school until graduation, consider partnering with us to assist them. We would also like to extend a huge thank you to those already sponsoring students in need!

Aside from continuing to work towards keeping kids in school, we partnered last week with our friends from LFPPC in Seattle to continue our commitment to improving the local schools. Together we re-roofed our local middle school in La Mision and worked hard to ensure that the students no longer have to endure leaky roofs this upcoming winter and spring. The principal and parents of the school were extremely grateful, as this was a need they had for years. Thank you LFPPC friends!

image1 (1)

Some of the students we are sponsoring this summer.


Our friends from LFPPC re-roofing the local middle school.

If you would like to help us ensure these children remain in school, please consider making a donation today. You can donate online at or via mail at Vida Outreach, PO Box 1327, Chula Vista, CA 91912. We hope the students in your life have a great year and that they succeed in their dreams for the future.