Back to School 2015

It’s that time of year again when we get ready to send our students back to school. Here at Vida Outreach we believe education plays a major role is helping kids break the cycle of poverty affecting their families and have a chance at a positive future. Our students come from a variety of family situations and circumstances but one common denominator is that they are the first person in their family to attend school beyond the elementary or middle school level.

Our goal is to help these students not only stay in school but also thrive in their education and reach their goals and dreams. We love our students and try to be there for them as much as we can not only financially but also as mentors in their teen years and beyond. Thank you for helping us make such a big difference in the lives of these precious kids and youth. You can help keep a student in school and give them a chance of breaking the cycle of poverty by becoming a Student Sponsor. With $100-$200 we can help a student pay tuition and inscription fees, purchase a new school uniform, and provide school supplies and transportation funds if necessary. We are currently sponsoring 15 students this semester but there are always more students coming to us for help. To become a Sponsor click here

Here is a little about some of our students starting this fall:


Lupita is one of our college students. Her parents work low paying jobs and could not afford to continue to send her to university in Ensenada. Lupita works on the weekends and full time during school breaks at a local restaurant. She is pursuing a degree in Business Administration and hopes to someday own her own business or work for a large company. Vida Outreach has been sponsoring Lupita for 3 academic years!


Belen is a new Vida Outreach student. She has an impressive perfect GPA out of Middle School and is very motivated to someday be a doctor. We are excited to help her start High School, which is often when most kids drop out due to finances. Would you like to sponsor her going forward to ensure she reaches her goal?


Bruno is another new Vida Outreach student. His parents were struggling with the expensive uniform costs and came to us for assistance. We are happy we could help Bruno he is extremely smart and motivated.