Growing Hope in Tijuana: Business Update

Tijuana Business Project Update:

We continue with the construction of the print shop on the second story of the community center in Tijuana and are very excited with the progress we have made so far. You can read more about the purpose of this project HERE. Check out the latest construction photos:



We are also excited to present the last leg of our fundraising efforts for this project: selling our awesome #GrowHopeTJ promo T-shirts. By purchasing one of our shirts you will be a part of the initial investment in this sustainable business and help us reach our fundraising goal to launch it later this year. This is a great way to get involved, be a part of a life changing project, and get an an awesome T-shirt in the process. Our high quality V-necks are $25 and Crew-necks are $20.

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 12.39.16 PM

About The Design 

Every aspect of the logo in our #GrowHopeTJ depicts an important part in our work in Tijuana. The tree represents the local community in the Tijuana city dump.  When our partners at Familia de Dios started working there ten years IMG_6864ago it was a dark, hopeless, and dry place much like the tree in the design. We wanted the tree to be planted in a tire because, if you have ever been to this community, you might have noticed there are tires everywhere. The local people use them as house foundations, fences, flower pots, kids’ playgrounds, and more. We included a tire in the design to represent the local people’s resilience and ingenuity in spite of the difficult circumstances surrounding them. And finally, our favorite part of the design: a beautiful red flower growing out of the dry tree. This flower represents the hope and love that our partners at Familia de Dios have brought to this community. Through their various ministries they feed the hungry, care for the broken, and share their compassion with anyone who needs it.

We would also like to thank our friend Melody, a volunteer at a local orphanage
and an amazingly gifted artist, for donating her talent and bringing our vision to life so beautifully. We are blessed to know so many talented people who generously share their gifts to help others. Thanks Mel!


We hope that you will support us by purchasing one of our #GrowHopeTJ shirts and become an investor in this important project. If you do buy a shirt don’t forget to upload a photo and tag us to help us promote #GrowHopeTJ with others. To buy a shirt click HERE

Thank you for helping us grow hope,